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RDP Ubuntu 20.04 not working out of the box

Recently while setting up a new Ubuntu 20.04 VM (from the Quick Create in Hyper-V) I found that I could not RDP into the machine once it was setup, however it was sitting on my network configured with my NAT Switch.

Turns out that the xrdp daemon was not starting and had a cryptic error about VSOCK. Doing a bit of research found that I needed to edit the /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini file and set the option use_vsock from true to false



After that change I restarted the xrdp daemon and was able to connect to it.

Unable to connect to web server 'IIS Express'.


Randomly would get this error and dialog when loading and running a new or existing Visual Studio Web project on a machine that never had run it before. The problem seems to have various solutions to it with varying results. Below is the solution that ultimately worked in my situation with the Event Log error I was getting.

First open up the Event Viewer in "Windows Administrative Tools" under the start menu. If you find the following error:

Unable to bind to the underlying transport for [::]:XXXXX. The IP Listen-Only list may contain a reference to an interface which may not exist on this machine.  The data field contains the error number.

Where XXXX is a port number for the website that is failing to run in Visual Studio.

If this is the case you can run the following command in an elevated PowerShell / command prompt

netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=::

Then reboot the machine and try again

How I got my 15 year old CanonScan LIDE 500F scanner working in Windows 10

I have and old Canon Scanner (CanonScan LIDE 500F) that I wanted to get working to scan some documents quickly, getting it to work in Windows 10 was not as difficult as I thought.

  1. Get the Twain Drivers here: and select Windows 7 (x86 or x64) version
  2. Download the CanoScan Toolbox v4.9 from the software tab.
  3. Unpack the Twain Drivers with 7Zip to your desktop (even though it's an exe it will still unzip using 7Zip)
  4. Plug the Scanner into windows and use the Device Manager to update the drivers on the device by browsing to the folder you unpacked the drivers in the previous location (this is what I did you might be able to just install the drivers with the setup)
  5. Install the Toolbox software and restart
  6. Add the following path to the PATH variable in Windows C:\Windows\twain_32\CNQL500
    1. This is to avoid the "Unable to open TWAIN source" when you try and scan from the toolbox.

You should be able to scan from the toolbox software.

Skype for Business 2019 - Office365 not seeing shared screens

Updated to the latest Office 2019 Pro Plus and it installed Skype for Business 2019 and stopped being able to see shared screens from presenters in meetings or when in single user meetings. The fix for me is listed below:

Run the following commands in a command prompt with elevated permissions'.

net stop winnat

netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange tcp 50000 60

netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange udp 50000 60

Reboot the machine

These commands create an exclusion for the port range these default ports are used by Skype when doing audio/video.

Reference Site: