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High Vmmem CPU and or Memory usage Docker Desktop

Recently I noticed that the service vmmem had high memory usage at the same time I was not running any containers in Docker Desktop, the memory usage was actually around 96%, the CPU usage was higher than normal as well.  The key was to create a .wslconfig file (windows) in your %USERPROFILE% folder with the config options from the Microsoft Site. Below is what I am currently using.

memory=6GB # limits VM memory in WSL to 6 GB only
processors=4 # limits the WSL2 to use 4 virtual processors only

Once you create the file and add the options you can restart the LX subsystem using the following Powershell command (must be at an elevated prompt)

Restart-Service LxssManager

You may get some errors in Docker Desktop about communication but you can just restart Docker Desktop to get rid of them.

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