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Microsoft, Vista, Server 2008 and Me

Seems that everyday you hear about Vista and how poorly it is doing when it comes to adoption and basic performance. It also seems that end users are not the only ones that are crying the Vista blues, even MS’s own employees are now getting on the band wagon.

Well sort of...

There are several documents showing up on the internet as well as Microsoft’s own MSDN blog sites on how to make Windows 2008 into a super desktop OS. I guess if Microsoft’s own employees are scoffing at Vista then it must be true. Vista is as big a flop as the PS3. But for all you MS fanboys out there Windows 7 is churning full steam ahead and will probably be a smash hit. Why you ask?

Windows 3.0 = Bad
Windows 3.11 = Better
Windows 95 = Bad
Windows 98 = Better
Windows ME = Bad
Windows XP = Better
Windows Vista = Bad
Windows 7 = ?????

Get the point?

10 Ways to Improve Your Code

I recently read a couple of articles about some of the speakers and going-ons at the recent SD West 2008 conference and come across Neil Ford's Software Development West presentation, 10 Ways to Improve Your Code. The session was geared towards Java developers it probably can be applied to any language. I found the list and the summary of each point on Dev Register.

While it's not the end all and be all of how you should develop these kinds of tips make you think about how you are writing your code and ways to make it better.

Do I agree with all of them probably not but then again it does not really matter if you agree with them or not as long as you are willing to actually think about the ideas that they represent that counts; and to me that is a sign of a good developer.

IE8 available as a VPC Image

The new IE8 beta was released yesterday and is available as a Virtual PC hard drive from Microsoft. You can download the following hard drive images from this location.

  • XP SP2 w/IE6
  • XP SP2 w/IE7
  • XP SP2 w/IE8
  • Vista w/IE7

You can also check out the IE Blog for more information on what kind of changes will be implemented. The big news is CSS 2.1 compliance, get the VPC image and start testing your sites.

Hang on boys and girls it’s going to be an interesting ride...

VS 2008 IDE - Not as smart as you think you are

I have been playing around with VS 2008 over the holidays and have found some of the new features pretty impressive and very helpful for the average Joe-blow developer.

Now in the past the IDE has made it painfully clear and made it impossible to create solutions and or projects with invalid characters in them. So most weary developers probably never thought about it much.

Now (sans 2005) you can actually open any folder on your hard drive as if it was a Web Site (thanks to File System based projects) but the IDE becomes somewhat forgetful in that it will let you pick folder(s) with invalid characters in it and not say anything about it.

The behavior that ensues is one or more of the following:

  • The master page content placeholder errors out saying “This control can only be used in a master page”.
  • The themes don’t seem to work properly in Design and Split view.
  • The content pages that use the master page will not display their contents in the Design and Split view at all
  • Typing text content into the Split or Design view will place the content outside of the content placeholder (causing other issues).

The best part of all of this is if you view the website in a browser, it all works fine.