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New Year and New Hosting Part Deux

The MX entry for is screwed up just like my was.

In my last post I gave you my thoughts and gripes about, this post is an update to that original post.  I will be adding to it as the story unfolds and as I keep checking to see if they have fixed the issue completely.  The fact that they don't allow me to manage my own DNS zone is kind of a buzz-kill.  I may end up just purchasing my own DNS services from my registrar ($8 CAN/yr/domain) and be done with it, this way I have complete control.

The Good

  • They offer an alternate SMTP port for ISPs that block outgoing port 25

The Bad

  • Their support staff although courteous read from the script to much and don't investigate issues as much

Here is my abbreviated ticket thread to date on the DNS configuration issue.

I am having issues with my DNS and is resolving to my web server address, here is the IP info from my pings.  Also has two IP addresses assigned to it and I am sure that one of them is wrong and please see ticket #XYZ I had the same issue on another domain which had the same DNS issue.

Please answer the following questions (all related to how I have my email client configured)

I give them the info they requested

Please try these settings (one of which is the alternate SMTP port and an alternate mail.* server address to try)

Tried the settings but still does not work, but the alternate mail.* address does (I now add the output from a DiG showing them that has two IP addresses assigned to it)

The problem is with your DNS settings. You have two IP addresses assigned to and extra NS entries which are not needed, you will have to remove them (WTF? didn't I just say that twice already?)

And how do I remove them?  You guys are administrating my DNS for me I am just pointing my domain to your name servers via my registrar.  Are you telling me that I have to get external DNS services for your hosting environment?  If that is the case you probably should have mentioned that when I was signing up.

We can change the records, I apologize I was referring to the extra DNS entries you will have to remove them (again how am I to change my DNS entries when they manage them?)

Ok please remove the duplicate and I don't know how the extra DNS entries are showing up since there are only two entries in my registrar which are correct based on what you gave me.  Please advise.

As of 2008-12-29 18:45 (10hrs) after I noticed the issue still exists; is incorrectly configured as per DiG.

As of 2008-12-30 00:21 (16hrs) after I noticed the issue it has finally been fixed.  Fixed by someone in supoort who actually used DiG and thanked me for noticing the other DNS issues as well (which were fixed too).

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